Caliph's House - A Year In Casablanca, The

Abridged by Laurence Wareing and read by Shiv Grewal.

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0120060502Abridged by Laurence Wareing and read by Shiv Grewal.Frustrated with his cramped London lifestyle, travel writer Tahir Shah decides to set up home in Morocco.|But, when he buys the Caliph's house, he and his family discover they've got more than they'd bargained for: the property is looked after by three guardians who are convinced the house is full of ill-tempered jinns who don't want a new owner moving in on their territory.|Producer Kirsty Williams.
0220060503Tahir sets about renovating his new home and is beset by difficulties caused by a team of builders.|Manmade problems are followed by a host of natural plagues: rats, locusts and bees, not to mention the house's jinns, send out strong messages of displeasure.|So Tahir decides to appoint an assistant who has an uncanny knack of solving problems.|Together they seek out an antique bath during Ramadan - it is, he suggests, the perfect time for such a purchase.|Producer Kirsty Williams.
0320060504As the building work progresses, Tahir feels respect for the traditional skills of Moroccan workers.|Meanwhile, problems begin with the house's guardians as the shanty town they live in is threatened with demolition and they move to the Caliph's house.|But, after only a few days, and an inundation of unwanted visitors, they tire of their new home and decide to return to the shanty town, leaving the Shahs in peaceful bliss.|However, sickness hits the household.|When their doctor discovers they've all been poisoned because the guardians have been leaving daily offerings for the jinns in the well, he prescribes an exorcism.|Producer Kirsty Williams.
04 LAST20060505Tahir agrees to have an exorcism to get rid of the house's jinns: he visits a sorceress to advise him and then employs a team of exorcists, who seem to be very laid back about getting the job done.|But after a dose of hallucinogenic tea and some financial prompts, they eventually set to work and prepare to sacrifice a goat.|The exorcism is carried out and, despite himself, Tahir is in awe of the spiritual power it yields.|Producer Kirsty Williams.