Calcutta Stories

In three programmes Simon Parkes looks behind the images of POVERTY and squalor most often associated with CALCUTTA, where he has lived for the last year.


01City Of Jyoti20000418

Parkes explores CALCUTTA's relationship with communism, the city having been the capital of West Bengal - a communist state - for more than 20 years.

02City Of Scholars20000426

Parkes visits the upper middle-class schools bequeathed by the British, and the makeshift classrooms catering to the homeless street children, based on platform one at the city's main railway station.

03 LAST20000502

He examines what the future holds for a city that has seen better days.

He meets a local ARCHITECT who is promoting the concept of restoration and heritage in a city which is choking at the seams and where over 60 per cent of the people live in slums.