by Mike Walker, drawn from Suetonius' Lives Of The Caesars.


0101Meeting At Formiae2003072020030726
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Julius seeks senate leaders Cicero and Cato's support to shake up the rule of Rome.

Mike Walker's play stars David Troughton.

Julius visits senate leaders Cicero and Cato undercover to gather support for his proposed rule of Rome.

Stars David Troughton.

Julius visits senate leaders Cicero and Cato to get support for his proposed rule of Rome.

Julius Caesar makes an undercover visit to Senate leaders Cicero and Cato.

  • augustus caesar....Richard Johnson octavian (young augustus)....adam levy marcus agrippa....Ben Crowe mark antony....clive russell livia....Jasmine Hyde lepidus....Bruce Purchase senator....Gerard Mcdermott instructor....Stephen Critchlow Jeremy Mortimer (director)

    caesar makes an undercover visit to cicero and cato to gather support for his proposed rule of rome.

    starring David Troughton.

    episode 1 of 3

  • 0102The Arena2003072720030802
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    As Julius's appointed heir, young Octavian used his legendary skills to outwit enemies.

    As Julius' appointed heir, young Octavian used his legendary skills to outwit enemies and rule Rome.

    Stars Richard Johnson.

    As Julius' appointed heir, young Octavian used his legendary skills to outwit enemies.

    Octavian was just nineteen when Julius Caesar was killed.

    As Caesar's appointed heir, he had some formidable adversaries, including Mark Anthony, but his political skill was unparalleled.

    As Julius Caesar's appointed heir, young Octavian needed all of his renowned political skill to outwit his enemies and rule Rome.

    0103 LASTPeeling Figs For Julius2003080320030809
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    His name is now a byword for depravity, but how evil was Emperor Caligula?

    His name is now a byword for depravity, but growing up in Tiberius' court - how evil was Emperor Caligula? Stars David Tennant.

    What would you do if you were king of the world and could have everything and anything you wanted? Gaius Caligula was - and he did.

    This is the story of Caligula's four year rule from his point of view - seeing things the way he saw them, trying to walk a path between paranoia and the flattery of those who intended to use his madness to further their own ends; trying to live up to the myth of his dead father Germanicus; trying to resist the absolute power that threatened to let loose absolute madness.

    Suetonius tells the story from the inside - Caligula not as monster but as victim and, in the end, claiming our sympathy as well as our horror.

    The story of Emperor Caligula, whose name has become a byword for depravity.

    Starring David Tennant.

    0201The Best Of Mothers2005071720050723
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    The murderous tale of Emperor Nero and his interfering mother Agrippina.

    Stars Jonathan Forbes and Frances Barber.

    In the first of three Mike Walker plays drawing on the Lives of the Caesars, he shows how the Emperor Nero was a thwarted artist who hated violence and was only brought down for transgressing the Roman code of gravitas.

    Nero....Jonathan Forbes

    Agrippina....Frances Barber

    Seneca....Stephen Boxer

    Petronius....Nicholas Boulton

    Poppea....Ndidi Ama

    Phaos....Jason Chan

    Anicetus....Christian Rodska

    Epaphroditus....Hugh Dickson

    Burrus....Stephen Hogan

    Music by David Pickvance and Sylvia Hallett.

    Directed by Steven Canny.

    The story of Emperor Nero and his mother Agrippina whose influence eventually drives him to murder.

    0202The Glass Ball Game2005072420050730
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    The story of Emperor Hadrian and his relationship with Antinous.

    Stars Andrew Garfield.

    The story of Emperor Hadrian and his relationship with Antinous, who died in mysterious circumstances.

    The historian Suetonius is drawn into Hadrian's private life when he befriends the Emperor's young lover, Antinous, and travels with them into the heart of Egypt.

  • additional cast - Jason Chan and Nicholas Boulton
  • antinous....Andrew Garfield
  • directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  • emperor hadrian....Jonathan Hyde
  • empress sabina....Amanda Root
  • julia balbilla....Emily Wachter
  • pachrates....Stephen Hogan
  • suetonius....Jonathan Coy
  • music by.... - - - - david pickvance

    episode 2 of 3

  • 0203 LASTCitizens In A Great City2005073120050806
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    20110913 (BBC7)

    The story of Septimus Severus and how he came to the brink of becoming Emperor.

    Stars Ronald Pickup and Ray Fearon.

    Young Commodus buckles under the expectations put upon him by his father, the philosopher emperor Marcus Aurelius.

    Septimus Severus is called upon to save the Empire from anarchy.

  • alexander of abonuchius....Martin Hyder
  • commodus....jim sturgess
  • directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  • galen....Hugh Dickson
  • general....Stephen Hogan
  • julia domna....Helen Mccrory
  • marcus aurelius....Ronald Pickup
  • music by - david pickvance

    the story of septimus severus and how he ended up on the brink of becoming emperor.

    with Ronald Pickup and Ray Fearon.

    episode 3 of 3

  • septimus severus....Ray Fearon
  • speaker....Nicholas Boulton

  • 0301Empress In The West2007022520070303
    20110913 (BBC7)
    20110914 (BBC7)

    The tale of Victoria, a woman in a man's world who gets to the top through her son.

    Stars David Troughton and Barbara Flynn.

    As the Roman Empire begins to fall apart, one woman sees it as an opportunity to wield the power that her gender has always denied her.

    Victoria....Barbara Flynn

    Postumus....Danny Webb

    Marius....Stephen Hogan

    Galleinus....David Troughton

    Victorinus....Sam Troughton

    Saloninus....Nick Boulton

    Gaul (Atraxis)....Tim Treloar

    Polydorus/Envoy....Paul Richard Biggin

    Messenger/Voice 2....Joseph Kloska

    General/Voice 1/First Slave....Sam Dale

    Second Slave....Emma Noakes

    Centurian/Soldier/Driver....Saikat Ahamed

    0302The Maker Of All Things2007030420070310
    20110914 (BBC7)
    20110915 (BBC7)

    Constantine and Crispus are father and son.

    Can even this bond survive politics?

    Can even this indivisible bond survive politics? Starring Christine Kavanagh.

    Constantine had the strength and determination to reunite the Empire, and to give it a new state religion - Christianity.

    But what sacrifices must he make when he feels threatened by his own son?

    Constantine....Sam Dale

    Crispus....Joseph Kloska

    Licinius....Mark Straker

    Helena....Margot Leicester

    Fausta....Christine Kavanagh

    Constantius....Trevor Martin

    Rufus....Struan Rodger

    Arrius....Paul Richard Biggin

    Athenasius....Saikat Ahamed

    0303 LASTAn Empire Without End2007031120070317

    As the Empire in the West begins to crumble before the forces of Atilla the Hun, it is left to an unlikely coalition of kingmakers to select the last Roman Emperor.

    Can Romulus Augustus survive?

    Romulus....Tom Hiddleston

    Priscus....David Collings

    Barbaria....Adjoa Andoh

    Emperor Leo....George Baker

    Maximinus....Sam Dale

    Attila....Victor Sobchak

    Orestes....Mark Straker

    Odo....Joseph Kloska

    Ricimer....Christian Rodska

    Other parts played by Saikat Ahamed and Paul Richard Biggin.

    Director Jenny Mortimer.

    0303 LASTEmpire Without End2007031120110915 (BBC7)
    20110916 (BBC7)

    Romulus Augustus is studious, bookish, and not even Roman - yet he's worshipped as Caesar.