By Woody Allen

A selection of classic Woody Allen prose adapted from his anthologies `Without Feathers' and `Side Effects'.

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01The Shallowest Man19961223A selection of classic Woody Allen prose adapted from his anthologies `Without Feathers' and `Side Effects'.Lenny Mendel, hypochondriac and TV producer, overcomes his fear of hospitals and disease when he gets the hots for the nurse of his dying friend, Meyer Iskowitz. With Garrick Hagon, Robert Arden, Nathan Osgood, Kenneth Jay, and Lachele Carl. Narrator Mike McShane.
02If The Impressionists Had Been Dentists - And - The Whore Of Mensa19961224Letters from Vincent van Gogh the dentist to his brother Theo read by William Hootkins.
Starring Jay Benedict as private eye Kaiser Lupowitz. With Michael J Shannon, Eve Karpf, Kim Criswell and Russell Bentley.
03The Kuglemass Episode19961225Sidney Kuglemass, a professor at City College, New York, sets his heart on an affair. With the help of a magician - the Great Persky - he finds himself in `Madame Bovary' and romancing Emma. Starring Kerry Shale as Kuglemass and Doon Mackichan as Emma, with Ian Porter, Cyril Shaps and Joyce Springer. Narrated by Greg Proops.
04A Guide To Some Of The Lesser Ballets - And - E Lunatic's Tale19961226A review of some lesser-known ballets, with summaries and scholarly commentary.|Read by William Drufis, with original music composed and performed by John Whitehall.
The dark tale of a New York doctor torn between the conflicting and yet necessary delights of two contrasting women, Olive Chomsky and Tiffany Schmeederer.|With Don Fellows as Dr Ossip Parkis.
05 LASTRetribution19961227Harold Cohen, a young writer, enters into a fabulous affair with sexy WASP Connie Chasen. Neither can believe their luck at having found each other, but fate and wily desires of the flesh combine to take their relationship in unexpected directions. Performed by Henry Goodman, Rebecca Front, Myra Sands, Jonathan Kydd. Pianist Ian Harker.