Business, The [reading]

By Iain Banks, read by Valerie Edmond.

Abridged by Neville Telle

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LB0119990914By Iain Banks, read by Valerie Edmond.|Abridged by Neville TelleKate Telman, a senior executive of the Business, a powerful but secretive transglobal organisation, is at the forefront of modern technology. A bizarre phone call, followed by an unscheduled visit to a company silex factory raises questions about corrupt dealings. She consults her senior, Uncle Freddie, about her next move. r.
LB0219990915Kate's suspicions of corrupt practice grow, following a visit to a company factory.
LB0319990916At a gathering of top executives of the Business at Blysecrag in YORKshire, Kate is rejected by the man she loves.
LB0419990917Kate is summoned to meet a senior executive of the Business in Nebraska.
LB0519990918Kate has a surprise offer to become an ambassador to a remote Himalayan state.
LB0719990922Kate's visit to Thulahn is interrupted by the unexpected return of the Prince with a proposal.
LB0819990923Kate discovers that Uncle Freddy is in hospital. What she learns on seeing him sends her on a quest to unravel the truth.
LB0919990924Kate arranges to meet Hazleton's right-hand man to discover the truth.
LB10 LAST19990925Kate applies pressure to get some answers about the goings-on at the Silex factory.