Burying Of Joe Bloggs, The

Joe Bloggs, or JB, or Joseph Benedict is dead: 'What a pity.' But he was a very different man to each of them, and similarly, the nature of that pity is very different

Joe Bloggs is dead but who knew him best: his first love, his wife or his lawyer?

Series of three specially-commissioned stories by Frances Fyfield examining the life of the deceased, from the perspectives of those who knew - or thought they knew - him best: his first love, his wife, and his trusted and shadowy lawyer.

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AR01Shirley May2009040720110118Joe's first wife, Shirley, never really let him go.|The week before he died he sent her a key through the post, but the key to what?|Shirley May met Joe at an East End funeral and lived with him for ten years before 'he went and married someone else'.|He was a man of secrets and 'junk', but in her heart she never really let him go.
AR02Theodora2009040820110119Joe was Theodora's fourth husband and they met at an auction house.|Curiously, Joe never wanted her to throw out the artefacts from her previous marriages, all those pictures on the walls of her beautiful home.|Like Shirley May, Theodora also has a key.
AR03 LASTMurray2009040920110120Joe's trusted lawyer waits for the hearse outside a church in the City of London.|While the two women put down Joe's frequent absences to assumed infidelity, Murray has a different take: 'Only two women in a life of fifty-five years? Well, that's because he was a man of huge but bridled passion.' And Murray and Joe shared a passion, namely, the less-than-kosher collecting of fine art and antiques.|Murray is also waiting for the two women, but which one has the right key?