Bull From The Sea, The

Mary Renault's classic reworking of the legend of Theseus.

Abridged by Keith Darvill and read by Robert Glenister.

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06200608216/10. Attica is under siege from the East - and from the Amazon Moon Maidens.
07200608227/10. Theseus, grieving for his loss, struggles to make a relationship with his son Hippolytas.
08200608238/10. Relationships between Theseus, his wife and his two sons are reaching breaking point.
09200608249/10. Theseus and Hippolytas part company.
10 LAST20060825Poseidon takes a terrible revenge on Theseus.
AR0120060814Mary Renault's classic reworking of the legend of Theseus.|Abridged by Keith Darvill and read by Robert Glenister.Theseus returns home in glory, having overcome the monstrous Minotaur - only to discover that his father is dead. As he takes the throne, his first challenge is to capture the mighty King Bull Podargos.
AR0220060815Kingship of Attica makes many demands on Theseus, not least the necessity to take a wife.
AR0320060816Theseus and his friend Pirithoos go in search of golden fleeces and find more adventure than they were expecting.
AR0420060817Theseus encounters the legendary Amazons.
AR05200608185/5.|Two sons are born to Theseus, but the future of the throne is uncertain.