Bugle, The

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A Bugle Announcement20140619An announcement from Andy and John
265Cup 'em And Cough20140404Child presents solution to environmental crisis - cash savings!|Plus, an in depth report to the world's most sensational news story.
266Flip Modi Squad20140411Andy and John focus on the elections in India, at least someone in the west is. Plus, Baby King news!
267Gaining My Religion20140418Andy and John talk life expectancy and religion. Perfectly normal when approaching a birthday.
268Brokesadleback Mountain20140508There's gold at the bottom of the ocean and a mountain for sale. Let's team up.
269Fiddlesticks To Russia20140515Don't tell Vladimir Putin what you think of him, it could be a 40 fine. Plus, why are Brazilian football fans scared?
270Fruitcakes And Loonies20140530Farage and Le Pen lead the charge to bring Europe back to the good old days, assuming bloody and broken is considered good. Plus, wasp news, and the outcome of the Zaltzman v Oliver Pool Championships
271Abdicupdate20140605Andy and John discuss the unexpected retirements of a batch of royal monarchs, and why THE QUEEN won't be following
272World Cup!20140612The news is: There is no news! WORLD CUP!