Bryan Ferry Story, The [6 Music]

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01There's A New Sensation2011121420150825 (6M)Jo Whiley explores Bryan Ferry's career.
01There's A New Sensation2011121420150825 (6M)As part of the BBC's celebration of Pop Art, there's another chance to hear Jo Whiley exploring Bryan Ferry's career, including his early influences in music and art, the formation of Roxy Music, Virginia Plain and his solo album These Foolish Things.
01There's A New Sensation20111214
01There's A New Sensation20111214
02Both Ends Burning2011121520150826 (6M)Jo Whiley continues her 1994 profile of Bryan Ferry.|Jo Whiley continues her 1994 profile of Bryan Ferry. Including Brian Eno leaving Roxy Music, Bryan's white jacket image, Roxy Music's album sleeves and their breaking up and re-forming.
02Both Ends Burning20111215
03Don't Stop The Dance2011121620150827 (6M)Jo Whiley concludes her profile of the Roxy Music frontman.|Jo Whiley concludes her 1994 profile of the Roxy Music frontman. Including another a look at the Avalon album and another Roxy Music split.
03Don't Stop the Dance20111216