Bryan Ferry Story, The

Interviews about his life and career.

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01There's A New Sensation1994092520111214 (6M)Interviews about his life and career.Jo Whiley explores Bryan Ferry's career.|Jo Whiley explores Bryan Ferry's career including his early influences in music and art, the formation of Roxy Music, Virginia Plain and his solo album These Foolish Things.|Refs.|to early influences in music and art; formation of Roxy Music; 'Virginia Plain' single; solo album 'These Foolish Things'.
02Both Ends Burning1994090220070827 (6M)
20111215 (6M)
Jo Whiley continues her 1994 profile of Bryan Ferry.|Including Brian Eno leaving Roxy Music, Bryan's white jacket image, Roxy Music's album sleeves and their breaking up and re-forming.|Refs.|to Brian Eno leaving Roxy Music; white jacket image; Roxy Music album sleeves; breaking up with Jerry Hall; Roxy Music breaking up and re-forming.
03 LASTDon't Stop The Dance1994090920070828 (6M)
20111216 (6M)
Jo Whiley concludes her profile of the Roxy Music frontman.|Jo Whiley concludes her 1994 profile of the Roxy Music frontman.|Including another a look at the Avalon album and another Roxy Music split.|Refs.|to 'Avalon' album; Roxy Music split again; solo albums; working with Brian Eno again.