Brother Gardeners - Botany, Empire And The Birth Of Obsession, The

Andrea Wulf's history of the gardening revolution of the 18th century.

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01* The Merchant's Tale20080324Andrea Wulf's history of the gardening revolution of the 18th century.New plants from the American colonies were introduced to Britain.
02* The Peckham Prototype20080325Many of Britain's favourite flowers first bloomed in the ordered garden of Peter Collinson, who attracted extremely wealthy patrons.
03* The Naming Of Plants20080326The great Swedish taxonomist Carl Linnaeus sends his brightest student to London to give names to the new exotic plants.|But the student falls under the spell of Britain's gardens and gardeners.
04* Ye Who O'er Southern Oceans Wander20080327The American plant collectors are disturbed by the native Indians.|Joseph Banks heads south in the ship Endeavour on a historic botanical expedition.
05 LAST* Loves Of The Plants20080328As Britain becomes obsessed with gardening, Joseph Banks exhorts army officers, merchants, diplomats and missionaries to send home to Kew any exotic plant from overseas.