Brooklyn Follies

By Paul Auster, abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths and read by Garrick Hagon.

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01The Story Of Nathan And Tom20051114By Paul Auster, abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths and read by Garrick Hagon.The story of Nathan and Tom, an uncle and nephew double act.|One is in remission from lung cancer and looking for a quiet place to die, the other hiding away from his once promising academic career and life in general.|Having accidentally ended up in the same Brooklyn neighbourhood, they discover a community teeming with life and passion, set against the backdrop of the contested US election of 2000.|Producer Louise Armitage.
02Disturbing Revelations20051115All is not as it seems at Brightman's attic.|After a surprise visit from his schizophrenic daughter, Tom's boss Harry reveals all.|Producer Louise Armitage.
03The Queen Of Brooklyn20051116Tom tells Nathan about his missing sister, and his love for an unattainable woman.|Producer Louise Armitage.
04Dinners And Dreams20051117Tom, Harry and Nathan meet for dinner, and explore the wider terrain of contemporary America - a crucible of broken dreams and human folly.|Producer Louise Armitage.
05Our Girl, Or Coke Is It20051118Lucy, a little girl who refuses to speak, arrives on Tom's doorstep - changing his life forever.|Producer Louise Armitage.
06Dream Days At The Hotel Existence20051121Tom, Nathan and Lucy find themselves stuck at the Chowder Inn while Harry continues his business.
07Double Cross And Counter Attack20051122Harry is dead.|Tom and Nathan return to Brooklyn with their dreams shattered.
08Further Developments20051123Nathan has discovered Harry's Will.
09The Laughing Girl20051124Aurora has re-surfaced briefly, only to vanish again within 30 seconds.|Tom and Nathan's darkest anxieties have been confirmed, and Nathan sets off to find her.
10 LASTA New Life20051125Nathan discovers romance in an unexpected quarter, in more ways than one.