British Whales, The

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20100826The British Isles are littered with whales - real and imagined.|Kathleen Jamie investigates.|Whales have bumped into the coast and swum recklessly up the Forth, the Humber and the Thames.|Whalebone arches are raised on cliffs.|We hunted them to within inches of extinction and now we love them to death, though many scientists think of them as no cleverer than marine cows.|But still they fill our dreams and populate our imginations.|The programme tries to map some of the mutifarious cetaceans that make up the British Whales.|With poems from Simon Armitage, Catriona O'Reilly and Paul Farley and contributions from former chemist on board floating whalers, Hugh Symons, whalebone archivist Nicholas Redman, and writer Philip Hoare.|Producer: Tim Dee