British Germans, The

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20111116The British armed forces are due over the next decade to complete a final withdrawal from bases in Germany.|But they'll leave behind a remarkable human legacy - many thousands of former soldiers who have decided to stay in Germany.|In this programme Chris Bowlby goes in search of these ' British Germans', and traces their relationship with Germany and Germans.|He meets a soldier who was punished by the British army for marrying a German woman just after the end of the Second World War.|He hears about the pubs where Brits and Germans learnt each other's language, the struggle to understand each other's humour, the belief among many ex-soldiers that Germany offers a better society than Britain.|And he finds that the children of British-German relationships are becoming increasingly influential in today's German society as he meets a potential future German chancellor called David McAllister.|Producer: Chris Bowlby.|Why many thousands of former British army soldiers have settled in Germany.