Brighton Women

Lynne Truss presents stories celebrating the life of women in Brighton's history.


AR01Looking Out To Sea2005042520060122

By Carole Hayman, read by Judy Cornwell.

The story of the 18th-century Brighton 'dipper' Martha Gunn.

Directed by Celia De Wolff

AR02The Buzz Of The Day2005042620060129

By John Peacock, read by Jill Balcon.

The tragic and moving tale of Maria Fitzherbert and her secret marriage to the Prince Regent.

Director Celia De Wolff

AR03The Grey Lady2005042720060205

By Roy Apps, read by Joanna David.

The tale of Brighton's first female theatre manager, Mrs Nye Chart, who haunts a building to this day.

Director Celia De Wolff

AR04Thoroughbred Minds2005042820060219

By Cathy Feeny, read by Judy Parfitt.

An insight into the fascinating life of journalist, poet and playwright Enid Bagnold.

Director Celia De Wolff

AR05 LASTA Place In The Sun2005042920060226

By Nicky Singer, read by Rachel Atkins, David Collings and Jenny Funnell.

A celebration of the life of Grace Eyre Woodhead, a pioneer of care in the community.

Director Celia De Wolff