Bridget Mcconnell [Radio Scotland]


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In a rare personal interview, Bridget Mcconnell, Chief Executive of Glasgow Life gives an astonishingly candid account of her life to Edi Stark.

She recalls what made her fall in love with former First Minister Jack McConnell and why she forgave his infidelity. Looking back on her childhood, she describes being one of seven children living in a poor working class Catholic family and the richness of that life until her father's alcoholism caused him to lose his butcher's business and their home.

She got pregnant while still at university and says learning to knit was the only way she could afford to clothe her child and it took her too long to leave an abusive relationship. Describing herself as 'gormless' at times she is proud to have carved out a career which allows her to help improve people's lives in Glasgow.

Edi Stark talks to Bridget McConnell, chief executive of Glasgow Life.