Bridge To The Stars, A

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20100726By Henning Mankell|Dramatised by John Retallack|Young Joel, living alone with his lonely father, heads out at night in an icy cold Northern Swedish town to search for a dog he has glimpsed "heading for a star".|He finds new friends, cruelty and a perilous ascent in his winter of discontent and growing up.|Joel Gustafson - Ryan Watson|Older Joel Gustafson - Jack Klaff|Samuel Gustafson - Paul Hilton|Rolf von Swallow...|Toby Graham|Gertrud 'No-Nose'...|Margaret Robertson|Simon Windstorm - Sean Baker|Sara - Alison Pettitt|Otto - Jacob Theato|Director - David Hunter|This icy tale of a young boy's quest for a different sort of life is based on the novel of the same name by Henning Mankell, the celebrated author of the Kurt Wallander detective stories.|Originally dramatised by John Retallack for the National Theatre's CONNECTIONS programme it was subsequently rewritten for radio.|Henning Mankell's tale of an imaginative boy growing up in an icy northern Swedish town.