Brian Kay's Light Programme

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Light music and more from the world of operetta presented by Brian Kay.|Music from Arthur Sullivan, Edward German, Clive Richardson and Sidney Torch, plus Montague Phillips' Empire March from a new BBC Concert Orchestra CD featuring his music.|Brian Kay marks several anniversaries, starting with Montague Phillips and his Revelry Overture, played by the BBC Concert Orchestra.|There's also music on the centenary of their birth by Francis Chagrin and the new artist of the month, Mantovani.|Music by Grainger and Delius, a Dancing Princess and a Dainty LadyPlus, Matthew Curtis' Little Dance Suite played by Gavin Sutherland and the Royal Ballet Sinfonia.|Brian celebrates the start of this midsummer month with music by Richard Rodgers, Reginald King and the anniversary of the Queen's coronation in stirring marches by Sir Arthur Bliss and Robert Farnon.|Seasonal light music presented by Brian Kay, including more from featured composer John Rutter and a walking trip around Northern Italy in the company of Matthew Curtis.|Brian Kay introduces a selection of light music, including pieces by Gordon Langford, Alfred Reynolds and Percy Whitlock.|Brian Kay introduces more light music from his extensive collection, including Arthur Sullivan's Mikado Quadrille, and Alun Hoddinott's Folk Song Suite.|Six tracks from featured artists, the Queen's Hall Light Orchestra.|Plus Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers and some film music from a recent CD featuring the music of Stanley Black.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics.|This programme features Ernst Fischer's suite In Vino Veritas, two pieces from Roger Roger, and Peter Hope as composer and arranger.|Brian Kay presents an hour of light music from the likes of Robert Farnon, Stanford Robinson, Roger Roger and Charles Williams.|Franz Lehar's overture to The Land of Smiles opens the selection, and there's ballet music by Glazunov to end.|In between, we hear from Percy Fletcher, Eric Coates|and Emmerich Kalman - and Jack Leon conducts the New Concert Orchestra in Donald Thorne's Dance of the Three Blind Mice.|Brian Kay plays light classics.|Featuring Charles Williams conducting the Queen's Hall Light Orchestra, plus music by Robert Farnon, Brian Douglas and Irving Berlin.|The music of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Johannes Brahms, Eric Coates and Edward German all feature in the latest selection of light music.|Brian Kay plays light classics, including pieces by Robert Farnon, Charles Williams, Frederick Curzon, Angela Morley and Montague Phillips's Four Dances from The Rebel Maid.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including pieces by Roger Quilter, Peter Hope and Archibald Joyce.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including music by Juventino Rosas, Leroy Anderson and Edward German's Three Dances from Henry VIII.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, pieces by John Fox, Ernest Tomlinson and Victor Young's White, conducted by Frank Sinatra.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including pieces by Geoffrey Burgon, Joseph Hellmesberger and Arthur Sullivan.|Brian Kay introduces a selection of light music with a seasonal flavour, including pieces by Leroy Anderson and Philip Lane alongside arrangements of popular carols.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including pieces by Roderick Elms, George Gershwin, Robert Farnon and Theodore Bendix.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including pieces by Adam Carse, Robert Farnon, Roger Roger and Archibald Joyce.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including Aleksandr Glazunov's Concert Waltz No 1, Philip Lane's Suite of Cotswold Folkdances, and the overture from Orpheus in the Underworld by Jacques Offenbach.|Brian Kay pays tribute to the late Malcolm Arnold with a selection of light music favourites from his extensive collection, alongside works by Langford and Shostakovich.|Brian Kay introduces more light music favourites and rarities from his extensive collection.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including music by James Langley, Billy Mayerl, Angela Morley and Zez Confrey.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including Cedric King Palmer's Jogging Along, Gary Hughes's The Fast Lane, Alfred Reynolds's The Sirens of Southend and Montague Phillips's Old Verona.|Brian plays a selection of light classics, including pieces by Alan Langford, Frank Chacksfield, Carl Davis and Peter Hope.|Brian Kay plays a selection of light classics, including Gordon Langford's Spirit of London Overture, Gustav Holst's St Paul's Suite and a focus on the music of violinist Alfredo Campoli.|Brian Kay presents Hubert Bath's Cornish Rhapsody, Ernst Fischer's Treffpunkt Wien and Robert Farnon's epic Scottish Folk Song Medley, among other light music favourites and rarities.|Brian Kay introduces more light music gems, including Three Folk Dances by Rutland Boughton, and Four Old Fusspots, by Trevor Duncan.|Plus, works by Eric Coates, Roger Quilter and George Scott-Wood.|More light music from Brian Kay's extensive collection, including Lambert Williamson's Music for Rivers of the North of England, Clive Richardson's Chiming Strings and James Langley's Ballet Suite.|Brian introduces more light music from the likes of Arthur Pryor, Malcolm Arnold and Wilfred Josephs as well as Anthony Collins' Symphony for Strings No 1.|Plus the Pavão Quartet's new recording of classics from the Great American Songbook.|More light music, including Sando Dicker's Crown of Joy, the Celtic Suite by Philip Lord and Haydn Wood's Variations on a Once Popular Humorous Song.|Brian Kay introduces a selection of light music including works by Franz Lehár, Edward German and Robert Farnon as well as a minuet and rondo from A Dowland Suite by John Ireland.|Brian Kay's selection of light classics includes Harlequin's Flirtation by Louis Mordish, Cockney Capers by Peter Crantock and Scenes from the Humber by Anthony Hedges.|More light music favourites presented by Brian Kay, including Michael Hurd's Dance Diversions, Ernest Tomlinson's Dick's Maggot and two different takes on a Clockwork Clown by JT Heyward and Edward White.|Brian introduces The Smugglers' Song by Marl Lubbock, William Alwyn's Suite of Scottish Dances and An Old Fashioned Sing-along Medley arranged by George Cohan, amongst other light music classics and rarities.|Brian celebrates the fifth anniversary of the programme with a glass of Pink Champagne, music for pantomime and ballet, and contributions from Charlie Chaplin, Albert Ketelby and Montague Phillips.|The selection begins and ends with film music - Korngold's Captain Blood and a mega-medley of hit songs by Richard Rodgers.|Other favourites are provided by the likes of Sidney Torch, Haydn Wood, Eric Coates and David Fanshawe.|A selection of light classics.|Featured performers include Toots Camarata and the Kingsway Symphony; Debroy Somers and his Band, and Richard Crean and the London Palladium Orchestra.|Plus, John Wilson and the BBC Concert Orchestra; and the CBSO, playing music by John Foulds.|Brian pays affectionate tribute to the much-loved war time radio programme Music While You Work, and remembers Leroy Anderson on the anniversary of his birth.|r3.|With music inspired by London and its inhabitants, including Robert Farnon's Westminster Waltz, Georges Auric's suite Passport to Pimlico, and Snapshots of London, by Haydn Wood.