Breaking The Law

Deborah Bull with five programmes of legal revelations.


01What Can I Wear?2001043020020624

Can you still wear a pair of pointy shoes or velvet breeches in a LONDON street? What are the implications of not wearing the correct dress in court, especially if there is a royal death?

02The Welsh In Chester2001050120020625

Is it still legal to decapitate a Welshman in Chester? Only within the city walls, after dark, it seems.

03Law And The Church2001050220020626

Can you still be sentenced under Church law? Are blasphemy and heresy still crimes? What are the legal implications of buying land which includes a church?

04The Law Of The Road2001050320020627

Pedlars, tinkers and hawkers could soon be a thing of the past, so what relevance does the Pedlars Act have today, and why is it causing friction?

05 LASTTalking Treason2001050420020628

The law against treason is one of the oldest, and many, including royalty, have been executed for it. Can citizens still be convicted of treason?