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He's one of the most revered figures on the world stage - Nelson Mandela.

In a series which goes behind the scenes on the big breaking news stories, Colin Blane hears from Rodney Pinder a journalist who followed Mandela from prison to presidency.

Colin Blane talks to Rodney Pinder, who followed Nelson Mandela from prison to presidency.


Very few people have seen the death sentence being passed down in a Scottish court.

Stuart McCartney, better known as "The Bullet" is one of those people.

But as Colin Blane finds out it was the Longhope Lifeboat disaster that became the biggest breaking news story of a career spanning more than 50 years.

Colin Blane looks at the 50-year career of Stuart McCartney, better known as The Bullet.


It was a political nightmare and a headline writer's dream.

50 years on Arthur Binney recalls the phone call which gave him the scoop of a lifetime and a red hot lead on the stolen stone of destiny.

Arthur Binney remembers the phone call which gave him the scoop of a lifetime.


We now take it for granted that the world of journalism is populated with flack- jacketed Kate Adies and Orla Guerins so it seems extraordinary to think that it was actually only as recently as 1986 that the BBC first employed women as foreign correspondents.

Elizabeth Blunt was one of those first female journalists.

Colin Blane catches up with Liz in London on a rare break away from her beloved Africa where she still reports and where, in the course of her career, she became so famous a school was named after her.

Colin Blane hears remarkable journalism memories from Elizabeth Blunt.


This week Colin Blane heads to Wick to meet the award winning journalist, Noel Donaldson, a man with nearly half a century of breaking news stories behind him whose career started as a child in his father's press agency.

Colin Blane heads to Wick to meet award-winning journalist Noel Donaldson.


When it comes to Scottish journalism David Scott must have just about seen it all.

In a career spanning some 4 decades that's taken him from print to broadcast journalism, from radio to television and from the BBC to STV he's covered everything - comedy, tragedy and some of the great crime trials of the past 50 years.

David ended his career in one of the top jobs in Scottish broadcasting as Head of Programmes at STV.

Colin Blane hears about the most memorable stories on David's journey up that journalism greasy pole.


Colin Blane talks to Chris McKay about the most memorable stories from her long career in journalism, during which she covered Scotland's major crime cases.

Colin Blane hears the most memorable and remarkable stories from Chris McKay's career.

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A word which often comes up when talking about journalists is 'dispassionate'.

The need to be 'free from emotion; impartial'.

But how do you stay dispassionate when you're a witness to some of the worst of man's inhumanity to man? Colin Blane travels to Brussels to meet Angus Roxburgh who's experiences reporting on the former Soviet Union have left him haunted by images of the best and worst of human behaviour.

Angus Roxburgh shares some of the most poignant memories from his career in journalism.