01Brain Science And The Law20111115In part one of his series exploring the coming "Brain Culture," Matthew Taylor asks if the ability to scan brains will transform our system of criminal justice.
He meets the doctor who operated on a paedophile's brain and seemingly "cured" him.
He explores how studies on the brains of criminal psychopaths are changing our understanding of whether anti-social behaviour is "hard wired" in the brain.
These ideas raise the controversial question of a new legal defence: "my brain made me do it." Should this be accepted in court?
These studies have also inspired pioneering new work with young children, tackling brain-based bad behaviour with remarkable new techniques.
Matthew also explores the frontiers of a transformative, but potentially frightening, new technology: the brain scanner in the courtroom.
He looks at how scans have been used to test memories and evidence in courts so far - including in a case of murder.
Producer: Mukul Devichand.
Will the ability to scan brains transform ideas of criminality, memory and justice?
02Brain Science And Education20111122Matthew Taylor continues his exploration of "Brain Culture," examining striking new research about how our brains learn, and asks if we can use it to change Britain's education system.
For many years, scientists assumed the human brain was fully formed by the age of three but that notion has been challenged by the discovery of brain "plasticity" throughout life.
Matthew looks at new teaching systems being used on children in a South Wales comprehensive, designed to heighten their brains' ability to retain facts during a history class.
He looks at how a remarkable study of Romanian children adopted in Britain is challenging the idea of focussing on children's "early years." The idea of plastic brains has also changed the way we motivate children in class: the programme looks at the striking new research which says it's actually negative to tell our children they are clever.
Producer: Mukul Devichand.
Matthew Taylor examines how British schools will change in the era of 'Brain Culture'.
03 LASTBrain Science And Behaviour Change20111129Matthew Taylor continues his exploration of "Brain Culture," looking at how multinational companies and governments are trying to alter our behaviour by exploiting new ideas about how decisions are made in the human brain.
He looks at how "neuro-marketing," based on new understandings of how our brain operates automatically, is already all around us: in fast food restaurants, on some cherished TV ad campaigns, and even being used by politicians in elections.
Number 10 is catching up: Matthew looks at the idea of "nudging" citizens to make decisions, and how brain science is feeding into it.
The programme asks how valid the neuroscientists' challenging new ideas of human nature really are, and whether they are being over-used by the powerful.
Matthew also discovers how the science may be used to give us, as individuals, more power to control our lives and resist mind control.
Producer: Mukul Devichand.
Matthew Taylor looks at the new political choices created by sophisticated brain science.