Bookmaker, The

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20030602By Sarah Woods An affectionate and revealing look at life in a betting shop, and the people who spend their time and money there.|For most people, the world of the betting shop is a mystery.|But there is at least one on every high street, and every day, millions of pounds in bets are placed on horses, dogs and football.|What actually happens in the bookies? Sarah Woods new drama-documentary takes a look at one day in the life of a Coventry betting shop, following the fortunes of the men (it's nearly always men) who study the form, calculate the odds, follow their hunches, or just like a flutter.|Punters talk about their good and bad fortune and speculate on what they might do if they achieved the elusive big win.|And the manager offers some frank views on the nature of gambling and the characters who inhabit the strange world that is his betting shop.|Interspersed with the interviews are original songs written by Sarah Woods and Nick Hall, which pick up on some of the views and aspirations of the gamblers.