Bob Graham Round, The

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20111216The Bob Graham Round is perhaps the most gruelling of all Fell Running challenges.|Athletes have to climb 42 peaks, run about 70 miles and ascend 27 000 feet - which is about the height of Everest from sea level - all in a period of 24 hours.|The run takes place in the glorious beauty of The Lake District, with its rapidly changing weather and underfoot conditions.|It's a challenge which unites two diverse motivators of great art : human endeavour and the beauty of nature.|This year, while determined runners made their attempts at the Bob Graham Round, a young Italian composer has been writing a brand new piece of music that celebrates fell running in The Lakes.|Maurizio Malagnini had never visited Cumbria before and had never heard of fell running.|Ironically these were two of the reasons he was asked to write a new piece of work for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, they wanted to see how fresh eyes would be inspired.|The programme follows two stories: the development of Maurizio's composition and the attempt of two runners seeking to complete The Bob Graham Round.|How the most gruelling fell race is inspiring a composer to write a new piece of music.