Black And Blue

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01Ian Rankin - Rebus20080628 (BBC7)
20130817 (BBC7)

By Ian Rankin, dramatised by Chris Dolan.

Investigating the violent death of a North Sea oil worker in Edinburgh, Rebus uncovers a variety of possible motives. His inquiries take him from Edinburgh to Glasgow and Aberdeen before he finds his investigation overlapping with a major hunt for a serial killer who has struck in all three cities.

John Rebus....Ron Donachie

Ludo Lumsden....Iain Robertson

Siobhan Clarke....Gayanne Potter

Jack Morton....Simon Tait

Tracy Minchell....Irene Allan

Judd Fuller....Simon Donaldson

Edward Grogan....Mark McDonnell

Briony McLean....Natalie Bennett

Ryan Slocum....John Kazek

Eve Cudden....Juliet Cadzow

Joe Toal....Laurie Ventry

Directed by Bruce Young.