Bionic Blob, The

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The Case Of The Stolen Wavelengths19760826Directed by John Tydeman|Synopsis|Have you ever found it difficult to tune your radio to the right wavelength?|Think of the confusion that would be caused if a wavelength were hi-jacked - by educationalists for instance.|Slim Chance and his partner investigate such a problem in America, of course.|Cast|Al Cinzano John Bay|Bugsy Ramsay Williams|Radio Announcer Brian Haines
This Bazooka On My Left Shoulder Is Loaded1979031120110926 (BBC7)
20110927 (BBC7)
Directed by John Tydeman|Synopsis|A " Thing " from outer space accidentally arrives on Earth.|Its greatest ambition is to become a sidekick to a|Private eye.|Cast|Amy Sandra Dickinson|Control John Bull|Lenny John Bull|Senator John Bay|Big Louey John Bay|Slim Chance Ed Bishop|Fingers Harold Kasket|Mayor Harold Kasket.|A Thing from outer space helps a hapless private-eye on Earth.|Starring Sandra Dickinson and Ed Bishop.|From March 1979.