Big Sneeze, The

A week of short stories inspired by a Sneeze.

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AR01Sneeze On Monday, Sneeze For Danger20040906A week of short stories inspired by a Sneeze.By Val McDermid|Someone on the inside is covering Greg Thomas's back.|The local drugs baron has been charged numerous times but somehow he never gets brought to book.|And it's Chrissie's job to find out who's reaping the rewards.|Listening in to|Thomas's apartment one night, Chrissie hears nothing remarkable except for a violent sneezing fit.|In the morning Thomas is found dead.|Produced by Lu Kemp
AR02Sneeze On Tuesday, Kiss A Stranger20040907Written and read by Tim Crouch|Until the age of 29 Tim was blind.|When he was a baby a small sycamore seed twirled its way down to his cot in the garden, he clutched it and shoved it up his tiny nostrils where the seed lodged itself - between his anterior of his brain and the optic nerve - for 29 years.|And nobody knew it was there.|This is the seeds story.|Produced by Lu Kemp
AR03Sneeze On Wednesday, Get A Letter20040908By Linda Cracknell|Having received a photo of his grandson George sits down to write a letter to his son.|A letter he imagines that might bridge the gap of years between them.|Produced by Lu Kemp
AR04.sneeze On Thursday, Something Better20040909By Hannah McGill|Gwendoline the puppy is sick.|There is no doubt about it.|She's sneezing blood on the studio floor.|There's only one thing for it: a new puppy must be found, and the producers just have to hope that the children won't notice.|Produced by Lu Kemp
AR05 LASTSneeze On Friday, Sneeze For Sorrow, See Your Sweetheart Tomorrow20040910By Ruth Thomas|Landing a Saturday job in the local pet shop will finally allow Linda to get close to Mark Brown.|If she lands it.|She can't seem to get through the interview for sneezing.|Is it the cuttlefish she's allergic to? The parakeets? Or is it something|that is going to make their relationship even more unfeasible than it already is?|Read by Catherine Shepherd.|Produced by Lu Kemp