Beyond The Iron Curtain

Stories from Eastern Europe

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01Shadows20051211Stories from Eastern EuropeBy David Albahari from Serbia|An acclaimed writer arrives in Loznica to give a reading of his work in the local library.|He unwillingly agrees to a meeting with a mysterious young man.|Read by Sladjana Vujovic.
02Night Time20051218By east German Monika Maron, translated by Brigitte Goldstein and read by Alice Dvorakova.|Johanna takes her dog for a night time walk in a snow-covered East Berlin.
03Scissors Of Gold And Handfuls Of Snow20060101By Ukranian writer Andrey Kurkov, translated by George Bird.|Vanya prepares for imminent fatherhood by reading Teach Yourself Midwifery.|Read by Boris Isarov.|Producer Emma Harding.
04The Twins20060108By Bulgarian writer Zdravka Evtimova, ready by Madlena Nedeva.|Abridged and produced by Emma Harding.|Nora stands up to a stranger, who arrives on her doorstep with an unexpected load.
05 LASTThe Dream Bearer20060115By Albanian author Ismail Kadare, translated by Guido Waldman, produced by Emma Harding.|A new story from Albania's leading poet and novelist.