01Voices From The Other Side

01Voices From The Other Side *20100301

Medium Alison takes on an assistant, the highly efficient but heartless Colette.

Dramatisation by Caroline Harrington of Hilary Mantel's blackly comic novel about a professional medium with a troubled past.

Alison Hart is a professional medium, an awkward, obese, disorganised woman, but with a gift for empathy and a good platform technique.

Her familiar spirits are figures from her chaotic childhood, principal among them a small, foul-mouthed circus performer with disgusting personal habits called Morris who is her unpleasant and bitter spirit guide.

To try and create some order in her messy existence she has taken on an assistant, the highly efficient but essentially heartless Colette, who, although she is a regular witness to Alison's gift, is nevertheless a profoundly sceptical companion.

The two of them are bound together by a need that neither wants to recognise.

Alison....Alison Steadman

Colette....Rosie Cavaliero

Morris....Bill Wallis

Directed by Sara Davies