Better Half, The

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*2009052520110103This delicious comedy of marital disharmony was written when its young author, Noel Coward, was 22 years old.|Rediscovered after nearly 90 years, the play was originally considered too 'racy' for public performance, since it deals - in part - with the subject of female sexual desire.|'The Better Half' is a devastatingly accomplished relationship comedy, focusing on a husband, wife and her best friend.|In an unusual psychological ploy the unhappy wife (Federay Holmes) encourages the husband (Samuel West) to leave her to pursue a happier connection with her friend (Lisa Dillon.) But the wife's apparent selflessness may conceal a hidden agenda.|Even now the play is surprisingly unconventional, cannily perceptive - and funny.|The author himself makes an unexpected appearance as a typically witty musical narrator.|Cast:|Husband - Samuel West|Friend - Lisa Dillon|Wife - Federay Holmes|Producer/Director: Martin Jarvis|A Jarvis & Ayres Production for BBC Radio 4.|Samuel West, Lisa Dillon and Federay Holmes in Noel Coward's unconventional marital comedy|Broadcast premiere of this comedy of marital manners, written by the young Noel Coward.|Recently rediscovered, it was considered too racy for public performance in 1922.|Unhappy Alice encourages husband David and best friend Marion to form a liaison.|But Alice may have a hidden agenda.|Alice....Federay Holmes|Marion....LiSa Dillon|David....Samuel West|Directed by Martin Jarvis.|Recently rediscovered comedy by Noel Coward from 1922.