Best Interests

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20110714by Sasha Hails.|To accompany today's new series of Inside The Ethics Committee, the Afternoon Play presents two new dramas which get inside the emotional realities of dealing with ethical dilemmas.|When a confused young man with no I.D.|and a Dr.|Who fixation is brought into hospital, the staff have clear rules about how decisions can be made on his behalf.|But when he starts to make his own wishes clear, are they right to listen?|Benji...|Gunnar Cauthery|Fay...|Clare Perkins|Iain...|Simon Bubb|James...|Carl Prekopp|with Peter Polycarpou, Gerard McDermott, Jonathan Forbes, James Lailey, Alex Tregear, Susie Riddell and Elaine Claxton.|Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting|Inside The Ethics Committee, presented by Joan Bakewell, continues on Thursdays at 09.00 and 21.00.|The second play in the series, Positive by Tina Pepler, is on Thursday 21st July at 14.15.|Two brothers clash over a life and death decision in Sasha Hails' medical ethics drama.