The women's isolation at 124 Bluestone Road has put them all in peril.

By Toni Morrison

Adapted by Patricia Cumper

Toni Morrison's seminal 1987 novel about a haunted house in the era that followed the abolition of slavery in the United States is adapted for radio for the first time. Toni Morrison's masterpiece melds horror and poetry as it tells the story of Sethe, a woman who escaped slavery by crossing the Ohio river, but who, eighteen years later, is still not free.

The women's isolation at One Twenty-Four Bluestone Road has put them all in peril, and Denver has decided to seek help from the community. After that, news spread like wildfire; news that the ghost of Sethe's other daughter, who she chose to kill rather than allow to be bonded back into slavery, has come back to reap her revenge.

Original music by Jon Nicholls

Singing arranged by Dominique Le Gendre

Sound design by Caleb Knightley

Director: Sasha Yevtushenko.