Believe Me

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2011011020130430Believe Me by Stephanie Dale|When art teacher Rachel bumps into chef Tyrone on his first day in London it is the start of a sunny, passionate love affair, an affair that will take them into much darker places.|Rachel...|Noami Frederick|Tyrone...|Alex Lanipekun|Tasha...|Leah Brotherhead|WPC...|Sally Orrock|Policeman...|Lloyd Thomas.|A contemporary thriller exploring a lesser known side of domestic violence.|Director: David Hunter|When art teacher Rachel, walking home festooned with end-of-term gifts from her pupils, bumps into Tyrone on his first day in London it is the beginning of a passionate love affair. Soon it makes sense for Tyrone, now working as a chef in a local up-market cafe, to move into Rachel's flat. But it's not long before there are tiny bits of grit starting to despoil the love oyster. As things get more serious issues of control, jealousy, trust and violence rise to the surface in this thriller exploring a lesser-known side of domestic abuse.