Behaviour Of Moths, The

Stephanie Cole reads from Poppy Adams's powerful novel about family secrets and loss.

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01*20080512Stephanie Cole reads from Poppy Adams's powerful novel about family secrets and loss.From her window at the crumbling Victorian folly that she rarely leaves, lepidopterist Ginny watches and waits for her beloved sister Vivi to return for the first time in 40 years.
0220080513Ginny's sister Vivien has come back for the first time in 40 years, a homecoming that is both delightful and disturbing for Ginny.
0320080514Ginny looks back on how her childhood fascination with moths developed into a professional partnership with her obsessive father.
04*20080515Ginny's sister Vivien has come home after 40 years, but Ginny is increasingly anxious about what she wants in the house.
05*20080516Vivien's return after 40 years brings back disturbing memories of the past and of their mother's erratic behaviour.
06*20080519Ginny's beloved sister Vivien has returned home for the first time in 40 years, bringing back memories of the traumatic events of the past and an extraordinary request.
07*20080520Forty years on, Ginny remembers the part she was asked to play in her sister Vivien's marriage.
08*20080521Ginny recalls her mother's shocking death 40 years ago, the day on which her sister Vivien left home.
09*20080522Vivien finally decides to confront Ginny with the painful truth about the past.
10 LAST*20080523After 40 years, Vivien has confronted Ginny with a revelation that leads to a shocking decision.