Beautiful Thing, The

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20150322By Kit de Waal. A short story about emigration, backstory and new beginnings.||A short story about emigration, backstory and new beginnings by Kit de Waal. Read by Burt Caesar.|"I met my father in 1969 when I was ten, I don't mean we were estranged; he lived with us, I saw him every day. But one evening, at the kitchen table, while he polished his heavy winter boots, he started talking about coming to England and the day he got off the boat and I saw then he had a life that stretched back before I was born. So that's how I met him and this is what he told me..."|Kit de Waal was born in Birmingham to an Irish mother and Kittian father. She worked for fifteen years in criminal and family law and writes about the urban underbelly, the forgotten and overlooked. Kit de Waal's short stories have been shortlisted for the Costa Short Story Prize 2014 , the Bath Short Story Prize 2014 and longlisted for the Bristol Prize 2014. She won the Readers' Prize at the Leeds Literary Prize 2014 and the Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction 2014. Her first novel 'My Name is Leon' will be published by Penguin in Spring 2016.|Producer: Mair Bosworth.