Beast Must Die, The

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012004022720050426When Felix Cairnes' only child is killed by a hit and run driver he makes a solemn vow to track the man down and kill him.|The police may not be able to trace him, but he will.
  • carfax....Sam Dale
  • directed by - Jane Morgan
  • dramatised by - Michael Bakewell
  • felix cairnes....jonathan cullen
  • george rattery....andrew woodall
  • georgia strangeways....Rebecca Saire
  • inspector blount....David Rintoul
  • lena lawson....lucy whybrow
  • llaghan....Ian Masters
  • mrs rattery....Jill Balcon
  • nigel strangeways....philip franks
  • phil....taylor jefferson
  • shepherd....Christopher Douglas
  • violet....deborah berlin
  • by.... - - - - nicholas blake
  • 02 LAST2004042820050427Felix Cairnes failed in his plan to kill the man who'd run over his son, but then his intended victim is poisoned and the finger of suspicion points at Felix.|No wonder he asks the amateur sleuth, Nigel Strangeways, for help.