Avenues Of Eternal Peace



By Lucy Caldwell.

Kai-Liang and Chang Li meet and fall in love in their first year at university.

Becoming increasingly involved in the world of student politics, they join the protests in Tiananmen Square, where their passions and ideas are put to the ultimate test.

Kai-Liang....David Tse

Student Kai-Liang....David Lee

Chang Li....Ping Ping Wong

Xie Huan Yue....Gabby Wong

Zhao Ziyang....Richard Woo

Mother/Woman....Su Lin Looi

Grandmother....Pik-sen Lim

Young Kai-Liang....James Ang

Documentary Producer....Nick Hardin

Students played by May Chan, Jonathan Chan-Pensley, Steven Lim, Monica Sayer, Alan Wai

Directed by Heather Larmour.

Student couple Kai-Liang and Chang Li join the Tiananmen Square protest.