"Hailing from Rochdale, Rob Brown and Sean Booth met in 1987. They spent a good deal of time trading pause-button mixtapes, but graduated to making their own music.

Signed to pioneering electronica label Warp, Autechre reveled in creating intricate, glitched-out sounds, that led to them, along with contemporaries such as label-mate Aphex Twin, being slotted into a genre known as IDM, or Intelligent Dance Music.

Their debut album 'Incunabula' was released in 1993. Since then the duo have released several albums, the most recent being 2005's 'Untitled', and several remixes for artists including Skinny Puppy, DJ Food and Tortoise.

Brown and Booth are extremely reclusive, although they have an extremely devoted fanbase. They state that the name Autechre can be pronounced in any fashion and have also recorded under the names Lego Feet and Velocity Kendall.

Aphex Twin once claimed to be the brains behind Autechre, but, as he also claimed to be behind Plone and Boards of Canada at the same time, you can take that with a pinch of salt."

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Peel Session 11995083019951013
  1. Milk D X
  2. Drane
  3. Inhake 2
Peel Session 21998013019980620
  1. Tilapia
    Peel Session 319990705
    1. Untitled 1
    2. Untitled 2
    3. Untitled 3
    4. Untitled 4