Australian Rap

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20110512Rapping out dreamtime stories: a new outlet for Australian Aboriginal youth.|For years the Australian Aboriginal community have struggled to be heard.|But as Mark Rickards discovers, today the youth have found a new voice through music and 'desert rap'.|Speaking to the first rappers to use their own Aboriginal language, Mark Rickards finds that the traditions of dreamtime storytelling have been reinvigorated by rap music.|Although the style originated in the USA, Aboriginal youth have adapted it to suit their own needs.|It can be used to tell the stories of life in the outback or life in the city, and to represent the often unheard voices of the Aboriginal people.|Mark visits an Aboriginal radio station which has helped bring indigenous rap to a wider audience, and looks at the challenges of getting mainstream recognition.|Today younger rappers are talking about a brighter future for the Aboriginal people, and their music shows hopeful signs for the gradual evolution of Australia itself.