W G Sebald's masterpiece novel about remembering the Holocaust, in a new dramatisation for radio by Michael Butt. The narrator meets a quiet stranger in the Antwerp station cafe and he begins to confide an unsettling story of vanished identity - which travels through 1930s Czechosolovakia, the Kindertransport of Jewish children to Britain and adoption in Wales.

Sebald came to prominince in the 1990s as an acclaimed German writer, living in Britain, whose novels tackled many aspects of Germany's confrontation wth its traumatic wartime past. He died in 2001 at the height of his critical appreciation.

Austerlitz - James Fleet

Narrator - Stephen Greif

Elias - David Sibley

Margaret - Poppy Miller

Evan - Michael Elwyn

Agata - Morven Christie

Maximilian - Timothy Watson

Marie - Amanda Drew

Vera - Deborah Findlay

Young Vera - Emma Powell

Young Austerlitz - Dyfan Dwyvor

Child Austerlitz - Kalum Guest

Directed by John Taylor

A Fiction Factory Production.