Audio Diaries

Comedy series in the form of audio diary documentary recording a momentous event in ordinary people's lives.

By Kay Stonham (idea and series 1 and 2) and Will Ing (all of series 3?)


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Comedy series in the form of audio diary documentary recording a momentous event in ordinary people's lives.

By Kay Stonham (idea and series 1 and 2) and Will Ing (all of series 3?)Although Doreen was born into a working-class body, she has always known that she is really middle class.

Eventually she decides to take the plunge and go for the operation.

With Tilly Vosburgh, Kate Williams and Chris Lang.

0102Bob Gives Up His Day Job1998041419980708
20040321 (BBC7)
20040322 (BBC7)
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20060627 (BBC7)

Bob decides to give up his safe but boring job as a daytime television presenter to try his hand at the glamorous world of dentistry.

Starring Les Dennis as Bob.

0103A Home For Heidi1998042119980715
20040328 (BBC7)
20040329 (BBC7)
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20050509 (BBC7)
20060703 (BBC7)
20060704 (BBC7)

Kate and Will decide to adopt a calf to complete their family, but others don't share their concept of equality between species.

When Kate and Will decide to adopt a veal calf to complete their family, they are surprised to find that even the staff of the local primary school are incapable of grasping the concept of equality between the species.

0104Northern Husbands1998042819980722
20040404 (BBC7)
20040405 (BBC7)
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20060711 (BBC7)

Hilary is in search of a husband.

When her dating agency sets her up with a miner, she keeps a diary of all that happens.

Hilary has everything in life - a good job in the City, a lovely house and a fast car.

All she needs now is a family.

Rather than waste her efforts dating, she applies to an agency that ships down single, unemployed northern men to fill the gap in the southern market.

With Kate Saunders and Paul Slack.

0105 LASTCure In The Community1998050519980729
20040411 (BBC7)
20040412 (BBC7)
20050522 (BBC7)
20050523 (BBC7)
20060717 (BBC7)
20060718 (BBC7)

A GP decides to test her new theory: 'Cure in the Community'.

After all, patients may be sick but they aren't ill.

A GP decides to experiment with her new theory - rather than sending her patients into dirty Victorian hospitals, why not keep them at home? After all, they may be sick, but they are not ill.

0201Bog Standard1999091020000906
20040418 (BBC7)
20040419 (BBC7)
20050529 (BBC7)
20050530 (BBC7)

A look at Louis Martin, a TV producer who makes fly-on-the-wall documentaries.

With Kevin Eldon, Simon Greenall and Ronnie Anonca.

0202The Woman With No Personality1999091720000913
20040425 (BBC7)
20040426 (BBC7)
20050605 (BBC7)
20050606 (BBC7)

This week, a therapist discovers a whole new personality syndrome in a woman who, rather than having several personalities, is so boring she has no personality at all.

With Alexander Armstrong and Judy Flynn.

0203Town Mouse, Country Mouse1999092420000920
20040502 (BBC7)
20050612 (BBC7)
20050613 (BBC7)

A mother from the country is preparing to move to the Isle of Dogs, so her children don't have to walk five miles to school.

0204Jack The Lad1999100120000927
20040509 (BBC7)
20040510 (BBC7)
20050619 (BBC7)
20050620 (BBC7)

What happens when Jack, a rich and corrupt antiques dealer, suffers a blow to the head and becomes morally aware, finding that he cannot be dishonest any more? With Ray Brooks, Kate Williams and Kevin Eldon.

0205 LASTRebel Without A Joss Stick1999100820001004
20040516 (BBC7)
20040517 (BBC7)

Peter was born on Greenham Common and desires an alternative lifestyle - he wants to join the army.

Geraldine gave her son the perfect childhood.

He swam rivers and climbed trees, surrounded by caring and supportive adults.

But if life in the commune was so great, why did Peter run away to join the army?

0301The Lady Varnishes2001031620040523 (BBC7)
20040524 (BBC7)
20050626 (BBC7)
20050627 (BBC7)

Mandy tells her story in the hope of raising public awareness of her problem: she is addicted to DIY.

With Beth Chalmers, Julia Deakin, Laurence Howarth and Thomas Arnold.

0302Chicken Soup And Holy Water00000000

This diary tells the story of Debbie Green, wife of Rabbi Green and mother of Leah, who has become a CHRISTIAN, and Simon, who is about to be Bar-Mitzvahed.

As far as the Rabbi is concerned, if Leah wants to be a bride of Christ at least she won't be marrying out, but Debbie doesn't want the Bar Mitzvah ruined.

With Harriet Thorpe, Owen Brenman and Miriam Karlin

0303Beryl Bridges' Audio Diary2001033020040530 (BBC7)
20040531 (BBC7)
20050703 (BBC7)
20050704 (BBC7)

Unlike Bridget Jones, Beryl is in her 60s and lives in BLACKPOOL with her single women friends.

But like Bridget Jones, she is beginning to think that it might be nice to wake up next to someone she hadn't met the night before - although 65 may still be too young for marriage.

With Brigit Forsyth, David Ross, Duncan Preston and Hilda Braid.

0304Roddy And Sam2001040620040606 (BBC7)
20040607 (BBC7)
20050710 (BBC7)
20050711 (BBC7)

Roddy is gay.

He loves his mum and soft furnishings.

But he's in love with a girl.

When Roddy realises he is in love with Sam, he also realises he has a problem: Sam is a girl and Roddy is gay.

Not only is he gay, but all his friends are gay and he works for an online gay magazine.

Will he be able to accommodate this controversial change in lifestyle into the rest of his life? And what will happen when he has to tell his family? With Robert Webb, Jo Enright and Flip Webster.

0305Surrogate Money2001041320040613 (BBC7)
20040614 (BBC7)
20050717 (BBC7)
20050718 (BBC7)

Following the progress of a couple with rather a lot of money who have joined a surrogate agency.

This programme follows the progress of a couple with rather a lot of money who have joined a surrogate agency to find someone who might be interested in having some of it in exchange for something - like maybe a baby.

With Tony Gardner.

0306 LASTExecstars2001042020040620 (BBC7)
20040621 (BBC7)

Television executives decide to employ people by using Pop Idol tactics.