An Audience With Ed Reardon



This August at the Edinburgh Festival, Radio 4's most celebrated impoverished author came before a privileged few to present selections from his favourite prose and poetry.

Yes, the nation's favourite author, cat-lover, scrimper and saver invited people to attend 'An Audience With Ed Reardon'.

Ed would like to describe this event as "a celebration of his career", and so it is that rather like 'With Great Pleasure', Ed introduces a selection of his favourite prose and poetry.

Anyone familiar with the goings on of Ed Reardon's Week will know that Ed is the author of several plays, television dramas, many works of non-fiction and letters to the newspapers about the pitiful decline in standards of literature, and so it is that the works chosen are justifiably all from his own canon, albeit that much of it has appeared under the names of others.

So it is that he presents excerpts from the ghost-written 'Jane Seymour's Household Hints', the acclaimed novel 'Who Would Fardels Bear', his numerous radio plays, his jeu d-espirit about celebrity cats and dogs, 'Pet Peeves' and, of course, his now infamous episode of 'Tenko'.

Ed is helped in his endeavour by two actors - Andi Osho and Iain Robertson - who read out the excerpts, despite the fact he could easily done the readings himself and pocketed their fees.

So join Ed and his audience for a unique insight into what makes Ed Reardon the inimitable character he is today.

Written by Andrew Nickolds and Christopher Douglas

Performed by Christopher Douglas, Andi Osho and Iain Robertson

Produced by Dawn Ellis.

Ed Reardon comes before an audience to present extracts from his favourite literature.