At Home Abroad


2014121720141227 (R4)

The world is on the move. More than 200 million people live today in a different country to their birthplace.

Britain is a major crossroads of this seething human migration. Among developed nations, there are more Britons living abroad than from any other country. Inward migration to Britain has also been massive - more than 13 percent of the UK population is foreign born.

A panel of New Britons, immigrants from all points of the compass, debate questions raised by making a new home abroad. How far do you assimilate? What is the process of leaving one culture behind when the new one doesn't always accept you with open arms? How do you raise your children, born in Britain, if you do not fully feel a member of British society yourself? Can an immigrant believe there too many immigrants coming to this country now?

Presented by Michael Goldfarb

Produced by Anthony Denselow

A Certain Height production for BBC Radio 4.