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"programme Catalogue - Details: W.h. Auden & C Isherwood Dur, 148'15"" Tx: 17.06.88"19900706

W.H. AUDEN and C ISHERWOOD DUR, 148'15"" TX: 17.06.88

First broadcast on 1988-06-17

Producer: G. DEARMAN


Part satirical, part Boys-Own story, part mystical experience written/set in 1936. Music by Benjamin Britten. Prod Glyn DEARMAN. Featuring Patricia Routledge.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

non fiction

Broadcast history

17 Jun 1988 19:30-22:00 (RADIO 3)

06 Jul 1990 19:30-22:00 (RADIO 3)

27 Mar 1994 (RADIO 3)


Garard Green (Actor)

Michael Barnes (Actor)

Richard Pearce (Actor)

Peter Jeffrey (Actor)

Eva Stuart (Actor)

Bernard Hepton (Actor)

Patricia Routledge (Actor)

Polly James (Actor)

David Learner (Actor)

Emily Richard (Actor)

Victoria Carling (Actor)

Joan Walker (Actor)

Stephen Rashbrook (Actor)

William Simons (Actor)

Robert Eddison (Actor)

Mick Ford (Actor)

Jeremy Child (Actor)

Julian Firth (Actor)

Andrew Downer (Actor)

Glyn Dearman (adap)

Simon Milner (ann)

Simon Joly (arr)

W Auden (Author)

Christopher Isherwood (Author)

Judd Proctor (mus)

Gregory Knowles (perc)

Andrew Ball (pno)

Catherine Edwards (pno)

John Evans (Producer)

Recorded on 1988-02-13.