As You Like It

William Shakespeare's comedy of true love, misplaced love, gender confusion and reconciliation. With Imogen Stubbs, Toby Stephens and Ronald Pickup. Adapted and directed by Ned Chaillet


Genome: [r1 Bd=19690506]

by William Shakespeare

A new production of Shakespeare's most joyous comedy with an all star cast and music composed by actor and singer Johnny Flynn of acclaimed folk rock band Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit.

Lust, love, cross dressing and mistaken identity are the order of the day as Rosalind flees her uncle's court and finds refuge in the Forest of Arden. There she finds poems pinned to trees proclaiming the young Orlando's love for her. Mayhem and merriment ensue as Rosalind wittily embarks upon educating Orlando in the ways of women.

With an introduction by Pippa Nixon who played Rosalind to great acclaim at the RSC and now reprises her role as Shakespeare's greatest heroine.