As It Really Happened



by NESTA PAIN based on the eye-witness accounts of Herbert of Bosham and William Fitz Stephen, the letters of Becket, Bishop Foliot and others, and the records of contemporaries with Michael Hordern

Barry Foster and Peter Jeffrey

Produced by NESTA PAIN

(Barry Foster is in ' Tea Party ' and ' The Basement ' at the Duchess Theatre, London) The 800th anniversary of Becket's martyrdom falls on 29 December. Anouilh's 'Becket Monday, 28 December, 8.0 pm


Unknown: William Fitz

Unknown: Bishop Foliot

Unknown: Michael Hordern

Unknown: Barry Foster

Unknown: Peter Jeffrey

Produced By: Barry Foster

William FitzStephen: Leslie Heritage

Bishop of Winchester: James Thomason

Thomas Becket: Peter Jeffrey

Gilbert Foliot, Bishop of London: Michael Hordern

Herbert of Bosham: Sean Barrett

King Henry II: Barry Foster

Earl of Leicester: Nigel Lambert

Bishop of Chichester: Brian Badcoe

Archbishop of York: John Gabriel

King Louis of France: Martin Friend

The Pope: Alan Wheatley

A Cardinal: Heron Carvic

Sir Reginald FitzUrse: Godfrey Kenton