Arthur Smith presents a series of comedy lectures on different aspects of Art.

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01Classical Civilisation And Arturantiquities20090324

Arthur considers the beginnings of art with a visit to the oldest man-made image in Britain, reveals the truth about Van Gogh's ear and presents a guide to the unfathomable world of Dada. With contributions from Miriam Elia, Phil Nice and Paul Bahn

02The High Summer Of The Arturart Renaissance20090331

Arthur deconstructs the Renaissance and asks if it is time for a 'Re-Renaissance'.

The artist of the week is Caravaggio, who was not a very nice man.

With contributions from Miriam Elia, Phil Nice, Leslie Primo and Jessica Hynes

03 LASTModern Arturart - Post-modern Then Email-modern *20090407

Arthur continues his journey through the history of western representation and arrives at its most glorious flowering - his own work. With contributions from Miriam Elia, Phil Nice, Arnold Brown, Ian Macpherson and Simon Munnery.