The Art Of Parliament

Michael Portillo explores the Parliamentary Art Collection.


01Print For A Politician2007101420071017

Grayson Perry explains how his fantasy to have one of his works hanging in a minister's office has been realised and Diane Abbott shares her experience of being captured on canvas for posterity.

02Statues And The Statute2007102120071024

Michael finds a code to be cracked in the statues and bronzes scattered around the many lobbies and alcoves in the Palace of Westminster.

Sculptor Antony Dufort hopes that his life-size statue of Baroness Thatcher, recently unveiled in the Members' Lobby, won't suffer the same fate as her last official effigy, which was decapitated.

03 LASTBuilding Britain2007102820071031

A fire in the original Palace of Westminster gave the Victorians the opportunity to rebuild and redecorate with colourful murals of great battles, medieval mythology and scenes from Shakespeare, Milton and Chaucer. Today, the pictures still line the corridors of the Houses of Parliament.