Art Histories

Art critic Louisa Buck explores how five key historians and writers changed the world of art.


01Giorgio Vasari20000313

Sometimes called the father of art history, Vasari's monumental book `The Lives of the Artists' was a landmark. It is often remembered for its amazing details about the lives of Renaissance artists.

02Johann Winckelmann20000314

As the leading voice in the revival of classical art during the Enlightenment, his books on Greek and Roman art became classics. But his openly gay lifestyle and his untimely murder made him one of the most fascinating men of the 18th century.

03John Ruskin20000315

A hundred years after his death, Louisa Buck reveals why Ruskin's theories about art and its history were so influential in the Victorian era.

04Roger Fry20000316

Louisa Buck profiles man who introduced the British public to Cezanne and Van Gogh - a service which prompted the press to brand him insane. Fry also became a driving force of the Bloomsbury Group of writers, artists and intellectuals.

05 LASTFilippo Tommaso Marinetti20000317

The controversial life of the first spin doctor of modern art and founder of Futurism.