Arena Radio Night

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19931218]Tonight, Radio 4 and BBC2 join together fora unique experiment in television and radio interaction. The evening is introduced by David Attenborough.|To appreciate the full effect, you need your radio by your side and TV remote control in your hand. For more detail, see page 68.|From 8.10 until midnight, timings are approximate.|SEE THIS WEEK page 16|8.10 The Seven Ages of Radio|Interspersed throughout the evening is this series of short programmes, telling the story of radio from its birth in the early years of the 20th century to the present day. With contributions from historian Asa Briggs , radio collector Robert Hawes and with readings by Ian McKellen. Producer Peter Griffiths|8.20 Radio Rabbit, TV Talk|The Radio Voice Professor, collector and connoisseur of human speech, applies his forensic skills to some textbook cases, paying particular attention to that shifty specimen, the vox politicus. Written by Kate Fenton Producer Peter Hoare|9.00 Heard But Not Seen|Every week since 1946, Alistair Cooke has sent a Letter from America. A firm believer in the power of radio, he explains why his Letters could never have lasted on television and reveals the method behind these legendary "talks and why they should be heard and not seen. Producer Debbie Geller|9.05 Back to Square One|The story of early radio's eccentric method of illustrating live football which involved a small wooden hut, a blind man and a rather confused commentator. With Alan|Green, John Motson and Robert Hudson. Producer Dilly Barlow|9.35 Sunday Dinner|Mum was in the kitchen, Dad was down the pub; the beef was burning, the sprouts getting soggy - and the wireless played on. Explore the memories of Sunday lunchtime listening in the 50s. Producer Kate Fenton|10.00 Pirates|A visit to an estate in east London, where there are five pirate radio stations which are constantly battling to stay on air and "bring the music to the people", sometimes risking their own lives.|10.25 TV Theft, Radio Rip-Off|For the first time, radio and television meet to settle questions of comedic originality, innovation and ownership. Place a chair in the centre of the ring to referee an interactive bout.|Producer Mary Price|11.00 The Spot FX Man Starring Peter Vaughan.|The sound effects store for radio drama is a veritable museum of sound, but effects discs and CDs are more cost effective. The old storekeeper feels his days are numbered. Written and directed by Peter Kavanagh|11.30 The Ride R4 only|A film for the ear, as Emiliano Zapata 's messenger rides from Mexico to Moscow to congratulate Vladimir Illych Lenin on the capture of the Winter Palace in Petrograd in October 1917.|With Gareth Armstrong , Nicholas Boulton , James Faulkner , Cathy Sara. Joan Walker and trumpeter Kevin Robinson. From an idea by Philip Dracodaidis. Composed by Steven Faux Producer Piers Plowright|11.50 The Time Signal R4 only|The pips are not what they used to be. As Dr Carl Dolmetsch campaigns to hitch their slipping pitch, Peter Jones travels through the mysteries of radio time.|(The television pictures being shown during this programme complement the radio soundtrack.) Producer Kate Fenton|12.00 News R4 only|12.30am-12.40 Shipping|Fwecast Fisher , German Bight, Dogger - at last, those legendary coastal waters make an appearance on television.
Genome: [r4 Bd=19931218] Introduced By: David Attenborough.|Unknown: Asa Briggs|Unknown: Robert Hawes|Unknown: Ian McKellen.|Producer: Peter Griffiths|Written By: Kate Fenton|Producer: Peter Hoare|Unknown: Alistair Cooke|Producer: Debbie Geller|Unknown: John Motson|Unknown: Robert Hudson.|Producer: Dilly Barlow|Producer: Kate Fenton|Unknown: Peter Vaughan.|Directed By: Peter Kavanagh|Unknown: Emiliano Zapata|Unknown: Vladimir Illych Lenin|Unknown: Gareth Armstrong|Unknown: Nicholas Boulton|Unknown: James Faulkner|Unknown: Cathy Sara.|Unknown: Joan Walker|Unknown: Kevin Robinson.|Unknown: Philip Dracodaidis.|Composed By: Steven Faux|Producer: Piers Plowright|Unknown: Dr Carl Dolmetsch|Unknown: Peter Jones|Unknown: Fwecast Fisher