The Architects



New comedy by Jim Poyser and Neil Griffiths. Architect Sir Lucian made his name 50 years ago as the most brutal of all brutalists. But times have moved on and so have most of his staff. Those who remain must contemplate escape from a malfunctioning multi-storey car park in Esher and the pure aesthetic of the open sandwich.

Sarah - Laura Solon

Dan - Ben Willbond

Sir Lucian - Geoffrey Whitehead

Rasmus - Ewan Bailey

Tim - Tim Downie

Mayoress - Joanna Brookes

Car Park Attendant - Ben Crowe

Directed by Toby Swift.

0101What's The Point?20140314

Jim Poyser and Neil Griffiths' new comedy series set in a struggling architectural practice. With Sir Lucien's signature brutalist style hopelessly out of fashion, he seeks to overcome his creative block in the spas of Baden-Baden. Unfortunately for Tim, he needs someone to share the experience with.

Directed by Toby Swift

0102Fracking Hell20140321

Potentially lucrative contracts involving nuclear power plants, military drone manufacturers and a fracking company leave Matt and his principles in potential meltdown.

Directed by Toby Swift.

0103Mad Helene20140328

Comedy by Jim Poyser and Neil Griffiths. Sir Lucien's blossoming romance with a French serial divorcee was worrying already. Then the 'men in black' arrive to assess his assets and more besides.

Directed by Toby Swift.

0104 LASTMulti-faith20140404

Comedy by Jim Poyser and Neil Griffiths. 25 years on, Sir Lucien is still bitter about the rejection of his designs for Shakespeare's Globe in reinforced concrete. Finally he's going to do something about it.

Directed by Toby Swift


Architects Sarah and Matt journey north in pursuit of an airport contract that will put Sir Lucien and Partners back on the map. Meanwhile Tim tries to buddy up with a TV chef who's fond of the sauce. Comedy by Jim Poyser with Neil Griffiths.

Directed by Toby Swift

Arch-Brutalist Sir Lucien founded his architectural practice on a commitment to concrete in all its forms. Fashion has been a cruel mistress and four decades later things are not going well for Sir Lucian and his team of loyal-ish employees.


Matt and Tim are dispatched to Watford to restyle a Premier League footballer's mansion. Meanwhile Sir Lucien must negotiate a press interview without putting his foot in it. Comedy by Jim Poyser with Neil Griffiths.

Directed by Toby Swift.


Comedy by Jim Poyser with Neil Griffiths. Matt's got a problem with a turret, Sarah's got the clients from hell, Sir Lucien's got family trouble and Tim just got off with his old biology teacher. Just a regular day at Sir Lucien and Partners.

Directed by Toby Swift

0204 LASTDiy20150223

Sir Lucien casts aside his hopes of Brutalism returning to fashion and decides to go into house building. His loyal team must follow...negotiating marshland, unexploded bombs and homicidal relatives en route. By Jim Poyser with Neil Griffiths.

Directed by Toby Swift.